Custom Production Grating

System Platform, which is in the sector with more than 25 years of experience with Custom Production Grating products, provides 100% customer satisfaction by producing in dimensions suitable for your needs and the area to be used. With system platform assurance, it is produced in accordance with quality standards and delivered to our customers on time. Apart from existing products, we offer special and flexible solutions to our customers by making productions that are completely suitable for your project.

You can contact us at any time for the products you need, except for the Perforated Sheet Metal Grating, Cut Grating, Thick Grating, Shelf Grating, Kickplated and Nostrilled Grating models among our products.


Perforated Sheet


Cut Crating


Special Production Thick Grating


Shelf Grating


Kickplated and Nostrilled Grill

Custom-Production Grating Models

  • Perforated Sheet Metal Grill,
  • Cut Grating,
  • Custom Production Thick Grating
  • Shelf Grating
  • Kickplated and Nostrilled Grating

With 5 different types, it is produced exclusively in accordance with your projects and customer requests by System Platform assurance.

Over 25 Years of Experience: System Platform

Sistem Platform is one of the prominent companies in the sector in Ankara. System Platform that offers flexible solutions specific to your projects delivers orders on time by producing special grating in sizes suitable for your needs and the area to be used.

  • It is produced exclusively by The System Platform according to your project and the area you will use.
  • Prices vary according to the desired sizes and quantities.
  • Specially produced products according to customer needs and project are durable and long-lasting with high quality standards.

With System Platform assurance, you can review all quality and affordable grating models here and contact us for all issues related to your project.