Square Twist Grating

Square Twist Grating is produced by forming the bearing metal sheets and square augers connecting the metal sheets together. Auger irons placed in the notches opened on the carrier metal sheets are welded by placing them at intersections at certain intervals. It is often preferred in power plants, refineries, cement plants, treatment plants, concrete plants and industrial projects.

The thickness and height of the carrier metal sheets differ according to the weight of the load to be transported. After production, it is coated with hot-dip galvanized.

Square Twist Grating type products are often used on hiking trails and platforms. Depending on the requirements of your project, it is manufactured in high quality, hot-dipped galvanized, painted or uncoated.


Square Twist Standard Grating


Square Twist Standard Stair Step


Square Twist Notched Grating


Square Twist Notched Stair Step

Reasons for Preferrance?

It consists of carrier metal sheets and square augers connecting the metal sheets. Carrier metal sheets are determined according to the area to be used and the technical characteristics of the project to be applied.

  • It can be customized depending on the project and option. It is often preferred because it is light, stylish and easy to assemble.
  • Thanks to the noses used, the safety is maximized with the anti-slip feature.
  • It is manufactured with high quality standards and tailored to your project according to your request.

Square Twist Grating Models

In 4 different structure, it is produced in accordance with quality standards by System Platform.

As Sistem Platform Grating Metal, we carry out our productions by targeting 100% customer satisfaction in all our products depending on the wishes and needs of our customers. Depending on your specific requirements, the area to be used and the requirements of your project, it is manufactured in hot dip galvanized, painted or uncoated form.

By adopting transparent information and management principles in the process from raw material process to order delivery, we passionately own our business. With over 25 years of experience, we know the value of labor and continue to grow with the excitement of the first day without fear of technology.

For more detailed information about our products, you can contact our expert team in the field of System Platform.